up on the roof, dararara, taking pictures of the Sun, dabararara!


Solar Flare


Annnnnnd, this one makes 1000 posts!  Woohoo!

An exotic portrait of Saturn from behind, in the shadows, by Cassini.  Bonus points if you can find where the OTHER planet in the image is!

tiny earth i see you :DD

Sunrise, sunset, sunrises, sunsets. Swiftly go the days.

Solar eclipse by me :3

a rock blocking its light to another rock.

una roca tapando la luz a otra roca.


I LOVE when you can see the sun clearly trough the clouds.

(The pic sucks but whatever, you know ^^)


Awesome video of 2/24 solar prominence!!

video address: http://sdo.gsfc.nasa.gov/gallery/gallery/assets/movies/20110224_monster_prom.mp4

this!! Arg! So stunning!! :_D

The Sun is fraking awesome.

gif from this timelapse video of mine. Thought it would look neat. :)

Another time-lapse i uploaded yesterday.

Setting sun followed by the Moon and Venus :))

(Fuente: talieletoile)

time-lapse i did over this past summer :) Stunning sunset.

(the flickering sucks)

(Fuente: talieletoile)